Transforming the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Picking the right Martial Arts School is an important decision. “Does the focus of the program align with my learning objectives?” “What are the Instructor’s qualifications?” “Do I like the atmosphere?” “Do the class times work for me?”

Here at Port Moody Taekwondo, we do not enroll any students without first having them visit our academy and try a class. This allows our clients and team to see if this is the right fit for both parties.

We put a heavy emphasis on the mental aspect of training to complement the physical. We pride ourselves on having some of the best instructors in the industry.

Children’s Martial Arts

We teach students the value of setting goals and taking tangible steps to meet them. No matter the rank, there is always a rank higher. Building the habit of goal setting and cultivating resilience are one of many benefits students gain from our programs.

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Adult Martial Arts

Our Martial Arts Program offers adult programs for all levels and skill. Our classes are constantly evolving with new workouts and techniques. We incorporate Traditional Taekwondo curriculum, guided meditations and goal setting to support our students to achieve their health goals. The benefits of Taekwondo are comprehensive, as it covers the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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After School Program

Our After-School Martial Arts Program at Port Moody Taekwondo is a great alternative to traditional after-school care. Our Instructors not only encourage a much-needed balance between living a healthy lifestyle but also provide the opportunity to be in a positive environment while learning the fundamentals of taekwondo alongside children their age. Reach out to us today to book your free introductory lesson.


Port Moody Taekwondo understands the needs of today’s busy families by offering Spring and Summer Camps. Each camp is led by a team of Black Belt Instructors and leaders. Camps are a dynamic mix of Taekwondo skill work, fitness, arts and crafts, and field trips. Our award-winning Camps are great for current students and new students alike. Contact us for info; spots are limited.

Black Belt Club

Port Moody Taekwondo is introducing Black Belt Club – an advanced program which expands upon the standard curriculum. Members will be coached on higher-level techniques, weapons training, and the leadership skills needed to attain their black belt mentality. We will be inviting our most committed students to join and further develop their martial arts training in this exclusive club.

Private Lessons

Port Moody Taekwondo also offers individualized personal training for individuals of all skill levels, goals, and age. Our private sessions are a one-on-one class with a certified instructor who will help you achieve your goals.

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Olympic Sparring

Port Moody Taekwondo is part of the largest governing body of martial arts in the whole world and we have sent many athletes to provincial, national, and international competitions. Courage is the maker of a champion Black Belt and it is a characteristic that only winners possess.

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Leadership Team

Here at Port Moody Taekwondo, we are focused on developing leaders: leaders for our friends, our families, our communities, and leaders for the future. Our carefully designed Leadership Program focuses on helping students learn leadership skills that will help them in ALL walks of life.

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