Original Post date on old website: February 23rd, 2020


Position:  Head Taekwondo Instructor

Company: Port Moody Taekwondo

Business Address: 2302A Clarke Street, Port Moody, BC V3H 1Y8

Salary: $25/hour 

Job Type: Permanent, Full Time (30-40 hours per week) 

Benefits: Medical, Dental, Disability, and Life Insurance and 10 vacation days

Language: English 

Job Location: 2302A Clarke Street, Port Moody, BC V3H 1Y8

Start Date of Employment: As soon as possible 

Job Requirements:

  • Must be a Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt
  • Must have at least two (2) years experience as Taekwondo Head Instructor

Job Description:

  • Teach introductory lessons, private lessons and be Head of Black Belt Club and Leadership program;
  • Identify strength and areas for improvement for any age of athletics and/or masters;
  • Plan, develop and execute training and practice the highest level of Taekwondo components (Basic Movements, Poomse, Sparring, Self Defense, Breaking Techniques);
  • Engage with all ages – both athletics and masters – to nurture and develop skills and talents for highest potential through strong communication skills;
  • Motivate and mentor athletes for competitive events at Regional, Provincial, and National events;
  • Create workable strategies for success to lead each athlete for next level, during regular training as well as competitive events;
  • Teach Standardized Curriculum to participants and athletes of all ages;
  • Monitor athlete’s activities to ensure safety rules and regulations and provide emergency or first aid assistance when required;
  • Train and supervise staff;
  • To teach Taegeuk Poomse 1 – 8, Koryo, Keumgang, Taebaek, Pyongwon, Sipjin;
  • Facilitate with parents or caregivers of athletes to encourage and motivate to support athletes.

How to apply: Please send resume by email to Milad Bahrami at [email protected]