COVID-19 Update 1

Dear Port Moody Taekwondo Family,

The health and well-being of our students is, and always has been, a matter of the utmost importance to us. Not just this year, but every year we are mindful of the various viruses and bacteria that gyms are a hotbed for. Facility cleanliness has always been a top priority for us. We contract out professional cleaners to come in and sanitize the mats, equipment, and any other object that people are in contact with, on a daily basis. 

We’d like to offer some tips that we hope will help keep our community healthy and happy:

1. Take care of your health – At one time or another, we all get sick; it can be unavoidable at times, even for the most cautious of individuals. Keeping yourself healthy by exercising, getting enough sleep, eating clean, and reducing stress will put your body in the optimal position to get better when sick.

2. Practice good hygiene – Before and after class wash your hands or use our hand sanitizer (by the front door), and avoid touching your face. Also, if you must cough around others, cough into your sleeve.

3. Stay home if you do not feel well – Missing class is never fun, I get it. But not to worry, we offer a weekly make-up class. If you are unsure if you are sick, check your fever. Fever can be the first sign of illness; we strongly encourage everyone to check their temperature before coming to class. 

4. Educate yourself – Knowledge is power and the more you know about Covid-19 the more empowered you will be. Look for credible sources for your information.

5. Take a deep breath – The news and social media can contain misinformation and sensationalized coverage, it’s good for business. If what you’re seeing online or on TV is giving you anxiety or depression, disconnect. All we can do is be informed and prepared. Living in fear is never any way to live life and I am confident that our community will be in good shape if we follow these guidelines. 

Kind regards,

Master Milad Bahrami 

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