Weekly Update #2

Colour Belt Tests & Zoom – We hope all of our candidates are practicing in preparation for the Test tomorrow. Please remember to wear your full uniform (no t-shirts). All of our Tests will be streaming on Zoom. The Meeting ID is 626 411 5544 and the passcode is 2302.

School Closure – Reminder that we are open for class on Saturday, October 9th (the only class cancellation is the leadership class), but will be closed on Monday, October 12th for Thanksgiving.

Instructor Entony – We have some sad news to share. As some of you may already know, Instructor Entony has struggled with back issues over the last year. As of now, he will be on medical leave to focus on recovery. In the meantime, Master Milad, Master Chris, Instructor Ethan, and Instructor Melissa will be increasing their presence on the mats. We wish Instructor Entony a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see him back on the mats soon!

Port Moody Taekwondo Run Club – Where are our Strava users at!? Whether you are running, cycling or swimming, Strava is a great app to use to track your workouts. Join Port Moody Taekwondo Run Club on the app to see how you stack up against your fellow martial artists. Master Milad will be setting up some group runs & contests for our Port Moody Taekwondo Run Club Members. The Club is open to all, no experience necessary!


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