Zenplanner – This week emailed log-in credentials to the Members app. If you have not signed in, please take a moment to log into your account and update your billing information and address (if needed) and verify the contact information we have on file. You can also update your profile picture as well. We hope that this new system will allow us to serve you better. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call/email.

Lunch-Time Yoga – In response to the new recent COVID-19 restrictions, Lunch-Time Yoga is suspended. We hope to offer this program again once Provincial Health Guidelines allow us to.

April Colour Belt Test – The next Colour Belt Test is scheduled for Sunday, April 18th. We are taking extra time to assess eligible testers. Thank you for your patience as you wait for official invitations. If you were in over the past 14 days, you would have noticed that instructors are taking time to go through curriculum and everything you need to know for your test. Our goal is to prepare all students as best as we can. Specific test times will be sent out on Tuesday.

School Closure (UPDATED) – We’ll be closed on Friday, April 2nd, Saturday April 3rd, and Monday, April 5th

Movie Night – The next Movie Night is set for Saturday, April 10th from 6pm – 9pm. Like always, the event will allow for social distancing. Masks are mandatory; participants are required to bring a filled water bottle. We’ll be having pizza and watching a Pixar movie! Tickets are $35+ GST and are non-refundable. For children aged 6 – 12 year. There are 18 spots available, send us an email to reserve your spot.

Black Belt Training – Master Chris will be leading the upcoming training sessions. These sessions play an important role in test preparation as they are designed to train students on the techniques and drills that will be required of them to pass the Test. Each session is $15 + tax and will be charged to the card on file on your account. Please register in advance.