School Closure — We’ll be tomorrow Thursday, November 11th for Remembrance Day. Classes will resume on Friday, November 12th

Movie Night — The next event will be held on Saturday, November 27th, 5-8pm. Reserved for students aged 6 – 12. We’ll be having PIZZA, playing fun games and watching a movie . Tickets are $35 + GST, non-refundable. Respond to this email to reserve your spot. 

December Colour Test — The next test will be held on Sunday, December 5th. Instructors will be assessing eligible students this week. Reminder that official test invitations are sent through email. 

October Colour Belt Test Photos — Pictures from the October promotional Test have been posted on our Facebook page. All photography was performed by Melissa Bahrami.

Black Belt Training — The next training session will be held this Saturday, November 13th at 3:45pm. Open to Tip Testers as well. Send an email to sign up

Lost Items — Please remember to mark your equipment and clothing/shoes with your name/initials. We’ve had a few students accidentally take items that are not their own home. Students are encouraged to check their personal belongings such as hoodies, gloves, and shoes at the end of each class. If you have any items at home that are not yours please return them to the dojang.