Make-Up Test — Congratulations to students that tested this past weekend! The make-up test will be held this Saturday, December 11th, 3:45pm – 4:45pm. Specific details will be sent to testers shortly.

Sunday — Master Milad will be conducting the black belt and tip tests on Sunday. Please avoid calling the dojang between 12pm and 5pm. Only call with sensitive matters in order to avoid disruptions. Emails will be checked on Monday.

Black Belt Test & Tip Test — The Black Belt Tests will be held this Sunday, December 12th, 12pm – 4pm. The ceremony will follow from 4pm – 5pm. Good Luck to all Dan, Poom and Tip Testers! Specific test details will be sent out tomorrow.

Black Belt Training — The final training session will take place this Saturday, December 11th, 5pm – 6:15pm. Master Chris will be instructing. It’s not too late to sign up. Reach out to us about attending some extra classes and/or to book a private lesson.

Missing Gloves — In order to avoid mistakenly taking others’ gloves, please mark your gloves with your name. If you’ve accidentally taken gloves that are not yours, return them to the front desk.

School Closure — We will be closed on select dates in December. Make-up classes will be offered to impacted students the first few Sundays of January 2022. We’ll be closed on the following dates:

Friday, December 24th

Saturday, December 25th

Sunday, December 26th

Friday, December 31st

Saturday, January 1st

Sunday, January 2nd

Sunday Combat Classes — The next free combat classes will be held on Sunday, December 19th. Combat Striking and Combat Grappling classes are FREE to our entire community, parents, and students 15+  Boxing gloves are required.