Tournament Registration Deadline — Registration for the 2022 Korean Consul Cup closes this Sunday, October 2. We highly encourage students to sign up to compete in the Poomsae unofficial category. This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience and be inspired to continue refining your skills and techniques.
Tournament Registration Process – Register here ( and select “Port Moody Taekwondo” as your associated academy. Below is a guideline for Poomsae (Patterns) registration:
Yellow-Stripe – Taegeuk 1
Yellow – Taegeuk 2
Orange – Taegeuk 3
Green – Taegeuk 4
Blue – Taegeuk 5
Purple – Taegeuk 6
Red – Taegeuk 7
Brown – Taegeuk 8
Black Stripe – Koryo
Leadership & Clubs Cancellation on October 8 — Clubs will not run on Saturday, October 8, as students will be competing and volunteering at the tournament. If you have not signed up to compete or volunteer, please email instructor Dexter [email protected].
School Closure — PMTKD will be closed for Thanksgiving Day on Monday, October 10 ONLY. Make-Up classes will be arranged for students that train on Mondays upon request.